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Acne Program: Services


The Acne Facial Consultation begins with a complete health history - a rundown of your medications, nutrition, plus the play and work habits that may be impacting skin health. After a thorough analysis, we will evaluate not just your skin type but also your acne type. From there, should you choose to commit to the program, you’ll get a personalized home care routine to follow and we’ll share an abundance of tips and recommendations to achieve healthy, clear skin.


*If you choose to commit to the program and receive treatment the same day, the consultation fee is waived


With this Acne Facial Treatment, the goals are exfoliation, hydration, the extraction of blackheads and whiteheads, and killing bacteria to eliminate future breakouts. The usual timetable is to come in every two weeks for treatment as you work toward the goal of achieving clear skin.


  • Redness and inflammation will be reduced

  • Skin will achieve a healthy rebalance.

  • Future acne breakouts can be minimized with regular treatments


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